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An Architect's Idea Book: Sharing ideas and inspiration to help create beautiful living spaces.


Sharing ideas and inspiration to help create beautiful living spaces that will transform your house and outdoor spaces.

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I am on leave from my professional design career to care for my baby boy and loving every minute of it.  Much like design, everyday is filled with creativity.  I love to draw, paint, garden, bake, cook and hunting for zebras in the living room!

I love to design and feel that the ideas should be available for everyone. A seasoned professional may make the design process easier but getting a head start in figuring out what you like is just as important to the outcome of your project


 20140508_135933  20140508_135942  20140508_135953  20140508_135951  20140508_140034  20140508_140040


I have enjoyed living and visiting various towns, cities and countries throughout my life.  Each having different attributes that make them unique.  I feel it has broadened my mind to appreciate many design styles, as long as they are executed well. I like to find different and intriguing inspirations to share and hopefully strike up a conversation.

The commentary on this site is my own opinion.  Art and design are subjective, and these articles are solely a reflection of my own taste in design.




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  1. I’m sure you were an amazing designer (still are) but raising your son (who is adorable!!) will be the best thing you ever do! I want to say I love all your inspiration pictures, they help me dream! And thanks so much for following my blog

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