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Sunny Conservatory


Conservatory…Sun lounge…inside-outside room…Sun room, whatever you like to call it they are almost one in the same.  All are enclosed in windows, although a conservatory has the addition of a glazed roof. Not too dissimilar to a greenhouse attached to your house, but far more detail orientated.


Traditionally, a conservatory was used to house citrus fruits and tropical plants brought back to Britain from merchant traders during in the Victorian and Georgian eras. The delicate plants of India, Africa and the Far East needed shelter from the more northern climates. Nowadays, the conservatory is used as an additional room in the house.  Integrated into the whole functionality of the house a conservatory can bring the wow factor into your home.



Often used as an additional sitting area or lounges, the amount of glazing brings you closer to nature but leaving the elements at bay.



This gorgeous example of a conservatory brings an homage to the traditional grandeur that the Victorian era exuded. Used as a sheltered seating area of the deck, it creates a cascade of spaces from house to shelter to deck to garden with each step unwrapping its layers.



With a flair to the modern, this home office is inspiring. The gentle curve of the glass softens the space. The sloping glass has a filter to protect the residents as well as retractable blinds for additional shading. Most glass used in conservatories do have UV and protective coating options much like typical windows.



The fabulous monochrome kitchen takes a step back as it lets the back garden/courtyard play at the window. The sleek simplicity from head to toe just draws you in.


    Contemporary Annabelle Modern Yellow Linen 32-Inch-H Mid-Century Chair    Woven Jute Roll Up Blinds 48 Inch, Width - 48 Inches    Fiore Floral Patterned Acrylic Accent Chair



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Simple Home Office Space

This Simple set up for the home office desk space moves the desk away from the blank wall to looking out at the view. Reconnecting to the outside while working maybe all you need to change for better positive thinking.

A Sleek Parsons table in a lacquered bone finish is accompanied by a comfortable upholstered dining chair. This gives a casual approach so that you could incorporate a more multi-purpose function yet still has a decorative feel. However, if you plan to spend more than an hour at your desk at a time, invest in an ergonomic desk chair, but for sorting out your bills, checking your emails and what not, this may be right for you.

The same parsons table shown in white with a white study chair gives a modern flair for a student’s small space requirements. Flat screens, laptops and tablets are great space savers. Replacing the artwork with shelving would be a great spot for reference books, desk supplies and pictures of family and friends giving more surface area for reports and homework