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Laundry Room Double Duty

As much as we aspire to indulge in the spacious laundry rooms of the glossy magazine pictures, it is for most of us out of our reach. Somehow the extra square footage always seems better allocated to the family room or home office. No need to sigh! The laundry does not really need to be tucked away in its own room or hidden away in the basement. Doubling up a few spatial functions may just let you have your cake and eat it too!


Laundry & Mudroom


This lovely space brings together laundry, mudroom, and an area for the dogs to sleep. The traditional dutch door is a great idea to contain the dogs but still keeping the door somewhat open. The galley style layout suits the nature of the house. The traditional elements of the cabinet style and the Belfast sink (also known as a farmhouse or apron sink) work well with the character of the home, but by extending the upper cabinetry to the ceiling and adding some contemporary/ industrial lighting updates the space. The washing machine and dryer are white, enabling a visual continuity throughout the space. The glossy blue painted ceiling is a great pop of colour without becoming over bearing.



This laundry and mudroom combination is much wider and gives the opportunity to create more storage. The use of the built-in cubby and bench are great for mucky kids to drop their sport kits into the wash before they get any further into the house! The idea of placing the laundry in the mudroom near the backdoor is great for those of us who dry our clothes outdoors. Free energy is free energy, even if it is only for part of the year.


Laundry & Pantry


Laundry and pantry: I have never considered this combination before, but it works.  Instead of two narrow cupboards off the kitchen, there is only one. As long as your bleach and detergents are in separate cupboards from your food, this set up is great. The walls and the cabinetry are painted the same off white/ light grey. The granite counter also has the same hue as the walls for a more monochromatic appearance and the lower cabinetry is 18″ for more floor space. This makes this room appear much larger and open.


Laundry & Kitchen



The laundry in the kitchen is more of a European norm, but it is becoming more common in North American homes. The appliances are becoming more compact which is much easier to incorporate into standard sized kitchens. This idea is not only space saving but the water and drain hook ups are already available.


Laundry & Hobby Room


Hobby and craft rooms are becoming popular. If you enjoy sewing, finger painting with the kids, or extra office space why not combine it with the laundry machines. They will be happy enough sharing the space and there is ample room for folding and stacking.
Hidden Laundry in a cupboard


Not all of us find the machines attractive.  The machines can be stacked and hidden in a ventilated cupboard. Allow enough room for air circulation, since they door get hot when in use.   The ventilated door shown is a perfect for screening off from the rest of the room whilst still allowing air to move freely. The beauty of this configuration is that is can be anywhere: in the kitchen, hallway, bathroom or any of the combinations above.


Creating multi-functional rooms is a great way to start maximising your existing useable space.


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Woodland Sanctuary Bathroom

Kohler-woodland 1 Design partners Nikki Blustin and Oliver Heath of Blustin Heath Design have created a tranquil environmentally conscious design for the Woodland Sanctuary Bathroom.

This luxury oasis lets you leave your troubles at the door and indulge your senses. I love the reed encased resin wall panels that envelop the whole space to create the back drop to this serene environment. It adds that adds that extra bit of decadence. The ceiling has perimeter hidden fluorescent lighting that washes the walls and emulates a calming sensation of water that is repeated beneath the bath tub. Above the bath tub a dark wood canopy has leaf shaped holes to let the light through imitating the planting beyond.


The wood floor gives a warmth to the room which is also is present in the wenge wood  KOHLER Escale™ Suite. KOHLER Escale bath, toilet and lavatory have soft flowing contours that add to the spa like feel of the room.

More information about the designers and Kohler products can be found at:

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Romantic Master Bathroom

This romantic bathroom boudoir has a beautiful airy feeling that is saturated with natural light. A barrel vaulted ceiling is accentuated with soft floral wallpaper which almost gives the sense of bringing the outdoors in.   The geometric basket weave style floor tiling grounds the room by adding a bit of masculinity. There are separate his and her built-in vanities. The white cabinetry and white marble opens up the room. A free standing mirrored/reflective make-up table and pin tuck chair with a flowing skirt highlights the romanticism of the space by enhancing the free flowing nature of the room